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The September issue 2020 - usually an issue in which fashion is celebrated- had a serious and sober character this year. It dealt with global shifts in the fashion industry due to environmental issues.

Numerous designers and people in the industry were asked by ELLE to share their thoughts on ' How to Change'.

Ofcourse  I responded by means of a drawing rather than by words...even though used one: ' Re-Vise'.

Revise the industry, not with your eyes, as the vision of the woman in my picture has been  blocked by her top,  but with ones inner senses. My message : Let's no longer be seduced by what we don't need. Give up our comforts even if it means acknowledging there is no room for this industry...








The artwork I drew before the request from ELLE reached me.
I simply loved this image which I saw when my son undressed himself.
He was covering as well as uncovering himself.
I started drawing it. I left my son out and eventually drew a young woman ( just in case you wonder...) 

When ELLE approached me this drawing simply fell into place.

Sometimes the picture is finished before the story is told.

For ELLE's June 2020 issue ( the first 'Lock- Down'- issue ever to be launched by ELLE...) I was commissioned to give my take on a DIOR suit of the SS20 collection.

Sharp cuts meet tie-dye, these two layers I wanted to be reflected in my illustration.

An illustration never comes on it's own- so I posted multiple expressions.
If you would like to purchase one of the original artworks go to  the 


From October 2017 till September 2019 I illustrated the monthly column 'Rep & Roer' ( 'In commotion..') written by creative director of ELLE Esther Coppoolse.

To have a platform to show the sketches and paintings behind each featured illustration, is one of the reasons to run this website.

So from selected issues I am not only sharing the featured illustration...I am showing a variety of options and painted pictures so you can get a full insight of my creative work process. The works unseen and unpublished before, all different outcomes of the same idea ! -  all needed to give my personal response to the words of Esther.

Some of which are completely 'Un- Ellish' but to me incredibly inspiring and each time an addition to my portfolio.

All drawings are drawn and painted in acrylic paint & oil pencil. Aiming to bring across the sense of texture and layering I have posted pictures rather than scans.

A selection of these originals you can find in the SHOP.


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