Public Spaces

Throughout the years I have taken on commissions from various clients. Each with unique briefs and requirements.

Below some of the projects related to space improvement. Through lines placed directly on the wall or by displaying original artworks any room can be transformed and given identity.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your project.

The Joline Jolink store in Utrecht; an inviting and special space...

( And yet something was lacking ).

In 2022 Joline Jolink asked me to design a unique mural to enhance the space. An artwork that would reflect the pillars of her fashion label; strong and sustainable design.

Today three linear floating figures in subtly painted shades derived from Joline's work are inviting costumers to enter the store.

With every collection the colours of the mural seem to vibrate differently. Something I enjoy each time when entering this store!

Below: Pencil sketches for Joline Jolink.



Together with Sycada bv I created a series of original drawings for their office spaces.

I was approached for my linear signature style. However instead of female figures- my usual subject matter- the client asked me to depict Trees.

After a thourough research period and receiving green light, Sycada purchased twenty two original drawings. 

Nowadays the office spaces vibrate character in line with the DNA of the business. 




For Diana van Den Boomen Interior I developed two murals for midwifery practice Doula in Utrecht.

Within a colour scheme according to the overall design, the final artwork depicts a sense of growth, fluidity and motherly love in tune with the feel of the practice.

Below: from pencil sketches to final murals at waiting room & reception.

This large scale mural was project in 2016 for Clusius College in Alkmaar .

I designed and placed large scale murals to increase the sense of growth and creativity in the main hall and entrance of this school building.



Slideshow below:

Artworks in public spaces for Cream PR agency with IL'L T-shirts , B- Building works spaces , Baut-Zuid restaurant, Angelique Hoorn Agency, Margreeth Olsthoorn Rotterdam, DLVS Creative Solutions, Cosmo Hairstyling, No- Office Amsterdam.

slide show of artworks applied in public spaces