Flowy lines and soft colours vs graphical fillings and sharp cuts. 

Over the last year some great things happened between me and Humanoid.

In commission of the fashion label I drew the NEVER OUT OF STOCK collection which was launched last September.

This coïncided with an exhibition in the 


By the title CITY QUITTERS art director Maria Janssen designed a collection which reflects today's tendency of people craving for a greater connection with nature.

My doodle of a branch-like shape seemed to translate this feeling.

Is it a tag or a plant? Whatever the answer it is a moment in time. A mark in many angles.

Applied small, applied oversized, it all worked in a different way.

A great example of effective usage of one simple artwork. 

Below pictures of both the artworks as well as the NOS illustrations.


' Branch'
Artwork of a line drawing in Conté crayon. 
Original size is 30cm  x 30 cm 
Applied to several pieces of the Humanoid Summer Collection '21

Published in ELLE NL Feb issue

Publication ELLE NL of woolen scarf by Humanoid with print by Petra LunenburgText in February issue of ELLE NL on the Summer '21 Humanoid collection with illustrations by Petra LunenburgImage of humanoid webshop of printed legging with artwork by Petra Lunenburg
Illustrations for the Never Out of Stock collection.
Launched September 2020.
Followed by pictures of the exhibition at the Humanoid Store in Arnhem.
entree humanoid store exhibition September 2020 Petra LunenburgDrawing Petra Lunenburg