FLOWERS with SHOWstudio

'To draw a flower, a bunch of flowers or your version of a floral arrangement'. With this brief by Nick Knight ( founder of Showstudio )  I started working on a series of FLOWERS as part of a group exhibition at the London based gallery.

Inspired by the famous pictures of Robert Mapplethorpe ( 1946- 1989) I painted my first lily's after which I dived into all kinds of flowery forms.

From a more realistic approach I went towards a rather intuitive way of working. Discovering patterns within my lines and brushstrokes. Patterns reminding me of growth, fertility and birth. Using these I designed my personal bouquet.

To guide the viewer's eye, and offer calmness in the compositions, I added detailing often in striking bright colours.
The black backgrounds in define a clear silhouet.

The combination of movement and stillness is what this serie is about.











Discovering new insights into the creative process  I felt the urge to continue painting. Simply curious to what the outcome would be!

So that s why not only in London, but also at our work space window in Arnhem, it is possible to see some floral art. The 2024 edition of the Arnhem Uitnacht coincided with the start of my current window expo displaying some flowers next to human figures....this way of exhibiting opens new doors, and  inspire me to my current work which will be shown during IJKunstcollectief #9 on 29, 30 & 31 March. 



Media: Acrylic ink, acrylic paint,black pencil, conté crayon & Indian ink.

Dimensions vary between 33 cm x 35 cm till  50 cm x 65 cm.

All artworks are available for sale- for inquiries contact me or SHOWstudio.