Displayed in this window you'll find a  selection of drawings and sketches I created for the lingerie label Hunkemöller ( 1885 in The Netherlands). My raw and bold lines reflect the current Sheroism campaign in which female power is celebrated.

The left panel shows skecthes leading to the final illustration. This artwork with hints of green, is now being advertised in over 600 stores around the world. One of which very near you: at the end of the Bakkerstraat / Vijzelstraat!

Drawings on the right hand panel are based upon the recently launched collection, showed in Amsterdam.

Classical elements of corsets, cat suits, fine lace and the smallest pants...they were all mine to be translated onto paper. Working non stop for three days I visualised the designs in a personal and direct manner. 

Although all these drawings are created with my client in mind- some of the originals are available for sale. So please feel free to contact me in case you would like to know some details.

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