Thank you for noticing our window...

We are pleased to give you an expo-experience whilst walking down Kleine Oord.

You are standing in front of the space where I, Petra Lunenburg, work and live along with my partner Nick Georgiou and our son Miles. ( Both artists as you can see).

I am an artist and illustrator with a background in fashion and currently displaying:

AN ODE TO MARY QUANT ( Who liberated many legs through her 60's mini dresses...)

Mixed with drawings in commission of the London based SHOWstudio, after contemporary fashion label LOEWE.

Here you can shop the drawings. Would you rather see more so you are sure to select the artwork you like most? A studio visit is possible. No strings attached.

Please leave your details and requests below and I will get back to you within 2 days. 

Enjoy the rest of the art windows at Kleine Oord Arnhem!


Petra Lunenburg