Showing 'Flowers, Relationships & Nude'

Different projects meet in this window.

First of all I have been working on a series of FLOWERS.

Participating at the group show FLOWERS currently shown at SHOWstudio ( London by Nick Knight), I dived into all kinds of flowery forms. 

Inspired by the famous pictures of Robert Mapplethorpe ( 1946- 1989) I started painting lily's. From a rather realistic approach I went towards a more intuitive way of working. Discovering patterns within my lines and brushstrokes reminding me of growth, fertility and birth, I designed my personal bouquet. To guide the viewer's eye a layer of detailing is added offering a sense of calmness.The black backgrounds define a clear silhouette and reinforces this stillness.

By Ties Schenk (cinematographer & film director) I was asked to create illustrations depicting love relationships in a crisis. Couples who are finding themselves in a situation of ' Should I stay, or should I go?'.  The black & white drawings are part of this project. 

Last but not least:

A nude in motion, to connect it all. Un-commissioned and simply created for the love of drawing human forms in motion. An ongoing subject within my work.

All drawings are available for sale.

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Thank you.