I am fascinated by the power of lines,

With one line across a sheet of paper you deliver a promise of movement.
One simple line can evoke a mulitude of meanings.
Trusting in this helps to focus on what each line alone can do, rather than what happens 
when more lines are added. As an artist I am trained in the disciplines and technique of fashion, I have worked around the human body for a long time.
With it's elemental directness, it is drawing that allows me to most naturally and directly 
express myself. No obstacles just a pencil and a piece of paper. Besides doing my own work, I also study and teach life-drawing so you’d think the subject might start to feel commonplace...
Yet I am still profoundly moved every time I reflect on the human form with all of its dynamic intersecting contours, complex symmetries, delicate detailing and subtle idiosyncrasies.
I’m struck each me by how beautifully each part is related to another. I try to absorb all these natural qualities using my eyes as I try to trace their essential moments across my page.


















The Line, the Body, the Movement & the Scissor.

The more instinctive this way of working became, the more I found myself applying it to subjects beyond life-drawing as well.
Of course you can see these natural qualities in nature, but the scissor project for Denham revealed to me that even supposedly ‘lifeless’ objects can celebrate the same sense of movement and the same potential for energy and grace.
To approach a pair of scissors on the same terms as I would the human body turned out to be very inspiring.

I started to see simple stories. The scissors I drew began to move like people. Their blades became limbs and gradually started to dance. 

The artwork I created for the Denham x Vogue project celebrates the idea of that dance. The intersection of my work, the stylish spirit of Vogue and the symbolism of Denham’s scissor insignia... -A blend of Art, Fashion and Scissors.

















I selected a series drawn for VFNO: basically all scissors in which blades turn into legs and handles into faces.

Starting with the drawings resembling the T- shirt graphic the most and gradually changing into a more abstract image. From facing each other to turning away from each other... perhaps lacking the Vogue feel but personally incredibly inspiring to work on.

All the way at the bottom you will find the earlier scissors- before Vogue and solely based on Denham's scissors. Here I worked around the essence of the tool and try to capture the suggestion of movement radiated by the object.        

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Media: Acrylic paint, indian ink, oil pencil & marker on paper.

Year: 2014- 2016