Each living creature can be considered as a reflection of the entire universe. If I look at a nude I see a whole network of forces, pulling and pushing against the flesh.

The greatest advice during my research of 'the nude' was given by Mr Cenedella at the Art Students League NYC. He told me: 'Lines of the body are like rope'.

From that moment I started seeing.

Entwined lines moving back to front and round again.  Everything seems to be rythmically grouped, three-dimensional and connected. I started to really see the whole!

Much more easily than before I worked out why certain lines do work and why others don't.

I could make the viewer see the invisible ground my subject was standing on. Something I wasn't aware of before. Especially within fashion illustration it is common to not draw feet at all- or tiny ones!

Whereas my drawings used to be somehow flat and naif I developed a more organic style after applying this ROPE knowledge.

nude in black lines



Through a nude we can convey an emotion. But it is not just what we is how we draw this. What does a line bring across?

I am very much fascinated by the comparison between drawn lines and the way forces in nature work. Lines are like vectors and a result of two forces the one of my hand versus the counter force of the surface I am drawing on. Do I actively almost stab my pencil or brush onto the paper, or do I stroke and twist my tools merely holding it on top of the paper? Am I in an aggressive mood and completely force myself upon the paper? Or do I let go and let the paper do the job?

It is like a battle or dialogue between my will-power and a higher force.


nude walking in acrylic paint

After my experience in NYC I decided to continue to study life drawing by teaching it.

First in Amsterdam and after that on The isle of Wight where I spent two years.
Part of the lessons were the one and two minute poses series.
Almost without looking at the paper, following one's eyes with one's hand, the aim is  to capture the essence of a pose.
Scroll down to view selected nudes- drawn between 2010 and 2020. 
nude male drawing from life 2019 charcoal on Courant paper  male nude charcoal on courant paperfemale nude art students league conte on paperone minute poses life drawings female nudes
life drawing one minute poses charcoal on paper art students league nye

 nudes commission Elle magazine

nude in dark hazy dolls marker on light yellow paper 2010nude in desert orange earth black line female figure


spread Oh! magazine 2017 Entitled 'in each stroke she produces pleasure'. 2017

 The two spreads above were featured in Oh! Magazine/ Summer 2017




mural in restaurant Baut in Amsterdam 2016. Black lines on white walls showing five female nude figures.   Mural in restaurant BAUT Amsterdam