The Virus continues....SHOW-studio asked their illustrators for the second time to draw themselves in an outfit after their choice and depict a self portrait in self isolation.

I stuck to LOEWE as my source of inspiration.

( FYI : Last April I drew myself in this dress also by LOEWE )

It is a coat, I called it 'Holy Coat' of the SS21 of the Spanish label ( artdirector Jonathan Anderson).

The holes, placed at heart and belly height, seem like entrances to the inner self. Invitations to infinite depths in a small world!

This idea perfectly fits the spiritual side of what a lock-down can bring about; turning inward.

Behind the holes I saw Magritte clouds passing by.


"I'm very fond of Loewe. I think Jonathan Anderson comes up with brilliant stuff. I actually can't stand deliberately created holes in clothes, but somehow in this design it seems organic. It reminded me- styling-wise - a bit of Prince (could have worn this maybe with holes at the butt back) but thinking Controversy period. which i personally LOVE. But mostly the idea of endlessness/ infinity behind these holes. At the height of the heart centre & belly area...so symbolic. As if the holes invite us/ the wearer to go in one's deepest depths. which we are forced to slightly during Lockdown- so it perfectly fits this project and sense of self isolation."