Now this area in which the pieces that my dad, mum and me made.I am called Miles s.f.g.My dad is called Nick c.g.g .My mum is called Petra l .Petra's work is the main work.Nick 's work is the pictures with the colourful background.My work is the rest.{me, is a child}{featuring now miles" work}         


This picture is my favourite picture that I made in my life.

I started drawing by copying my dad's drawings.

I was two years old when I started with drawing.

I was more thinking about shape, colour and style.

I am right handed.

This drawing I copied from a book called one hundred poster book.

These pixel work things I made  from pixel art I spend a lot of time just for these things like I will take a half a our at least. But I do come somewhere making these simpel things.I like making simpel things I don't really know why.But I like doing precise artwork like sometimes if I want to do a pen picture then I first do it with pencil cause I don't get my artwork messed up.